About Mechanicool

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Mechanicool was born in 2003 to provide a service to the transport refrigeration industry across the West Midlands and adjoining areas. Concentrating mainly on small to medium truck / van refrigeration units MechaniCool began to rapidly expand their coverage, and scope for service.

Sub-contract work began to develop, as larger companies needed assistance in their service networks. MechaniCool formed a bond between these companies where a mutual trust was built to prevent customer poaching between us. Due to this bond MechaniCool became authorised to carry out maintenance and warranty work for a number of companies, within the West Midlands and beyond.

MechaniCool now covers an area from as far south as Corby / Northampton, to Crewe in the North, Nottingham and Leicester in the East and Hereford in the West.

Maintenance and repairs are carried out on site on small vehicles such as Tesco.com home delivery to 40ft arctic trailers.

As MechaniCool is totally mobile all repairs are generally completed with one visit, and only major repairs that require parts or extensive repairs needing a second visit. We feel that this gives the customer a true reflection of their final costs, as we are monitored whilst on the job, and the vehicle is not away in a workshop being repaired out of sight with spiralling faults and costs.

During 2004 it was apparent to MechaniCool, that wherever there was a refrigerated vehicle, generally there would be some form of cold storage facility. It was therefore a natural progression that MechaniCool moved into static cold store repairs. MechaniCool are now able to advise on installations, install and maintain refrigerated plant to ‘F Gas’ requirements, together with ‘ lift and shift’ of failed compressors etc. We are conversant with all of the latest refrigerants, and can de-commission old equipment for either salvage or retrofit to the latest refrigerants for the particular application. MechaniCool can advise and supply some of the latest state of the art Temperature Monitoring equipment, from a basic form of temperature recorder to the latest GPRS satellite monitoring recorders, once again installed on the customer’s premises.


So whether you are a one-man band or a multi national organisation, a fleet maintenance supplier or hire company, we can help you with all of your refrigerated requirements.

If you'd like to speak with our sales or support team,
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